Collector, Elizabeth Lawson, Brings Her Souvenir Building Collection to RSM Aug 26+27, 2017

On August 26+27, 2017 be sure to check out Elizabeth Lawson’s amazing collection of souvenir buildings in the ballroom on the 2nd floor of Plumbers Hall!

There will be a variety of souvenir buildings and souvenir building categories – something for everyone – such as: Conversation pieces/eye dazzling shelf sitters – of interest to interior designers and stagers and including some lovely white replicas such as the JAX Brewery in New Orleans; for English Lit Aficionados – replicas of English authors homes like Thomas Hardy and John Keats; CHICAGO and Illinois buildings – what every Chicagoan should have; a sampling of English ceramics including Tey Pottery’s  Britain in Miniature, John Putnam’s Heritage Houses, and Mudlen End English Village replicas – perfect for model railroad enthusiasts and as pictured below.

Then there are souvenir buildings as pencil sharpeners, salt and peppers, on top of bells – who knew all the places these little treasures can be found. And not to be missed – the Traditional Starters for many souvenir building collections – the Eiffel Tower, Arc di Triomphe, Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building.

Also, remember the definition of a ‘collection’ is three of something, so the pricing will include a discount if you buy three – do come and start your own souvenir building collection!

Collector elizabeth 1

Collector elizabeth 2

Collector elizabeth 3


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