Amanda Wolfson’s Fall Trend Report: Sept 23+24, 2017 Editors + Designers Choice For Charity

Randolph Street Market continues the beloved Editor’s + Designer’s Choice for Charity on September 23+24, 2017. The local media editors, bloggers and interior designers gather at the Market to tag their most coveted pieces onsite while the customers get to see what is hot for the fall season.

When pieces sell, Randolph Street Market makes a contribution to their selected charity of choice. A perfect opportunity to see what is on trend directly from the people who are step ahead of the game. We asked what they will be on the hunt for at the September Market.

Amanda Wolfson, Prop/Photo Stylist & Visual Merchandising Expert of Amanda Wolfson Productions tells her trade secrets here.

Amanda Wolfson, Prop/Photo Stylist and Visual Merchandising Expert

Amanda Wolfson Productions
Charity of Choice: Chicago Lights Tutoring

Fall 2017 Trends

Create Vignettes – In the display world, it’s all about telling a story and creating miniature “vignettes” to lure the eye. Do this at home by grouping ‘like’ things together. Use color, for example, to re-style your bookshelves. I just recently took all of the covers off of my large coffee table books, so you can see the raw covers. This gives your shelves a ‘vintage library’ type of feel, and makes them look more interesting and authentic. By grouping items by color, your shelves will seem cleaner visually and it will feel like a fresh start to the season!

Using Green as a Neutral – You can never have enough green in your home! Using a unique variety of houseplants and small trees is a great way to add color. Look for new planters and vessels to switch things up, like a woven basket, a well designed trash can, or even a fruit bowl for a table-top succulent display. Group plants in odd numbers, either 3 or 5, and be sure you have multiple levels, short, medium and tall, to add interest.

Gallery Walls – If you want to spruce up your home or apartment for fall without painting or reinventing the wheel, try a gallery wall. Collect old photos, posters or even your children’s artwork, and tie it together by framing them all the same, say with black frames. Get creative with the matting, incorporating layers and colors, and even change up the style and sizes of the frames. As long as they are the same color, for consistency, you will create that WOW factor without spending too much time or money.

-AJW, 8/29/17

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