Gourmet Chicago, RSM award recipient, hosting tax-day gourmet dining event YUMMM

Over the years Chicago Gourmets has promoted many food industry and entertainment establishments throughout the Midwestern region of the United States. Please come out and help us celebrate this special non-profit’s dining group at their special upcoming 21st Anniversary on April 15th, 2018 taking place at the Tallgrass Restaurant. While attending this fabulous event of course only the finest cuisine is to be expected. Not only with their special Anniversary being held at a high-end Suburban Southwestern top rated restaurant, but the guests who attend are the most professional in the food industry and experts in all areas from growing on farms to serving of guests. The Tallgrass was rated 3 stars by Chicago Magazine and rated one of the top 20 restaurants in Chicago by Pat Bruno of the Chicago Sun-times news. If you enjoy fine dining or specialty foods, please come out and be enlightened with tastings of things finer while having an experience of a lifetime accompanied by like minded guests passionate about cuisine (as yourselves). Please join us at Chicago Gourmets special event

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