Vendor Feature: Meet Nick White of ErvinNic

Nick White - Randolph Street MarketTell us about yourself – what’s the story behind your business?

I started my business 7 years ago when I turned 20. The first iteration was Nic White Holistic Fashion Design and Wearable Art. I designed and made clothes from raw materials, and mostly sold instillation based artwork. A year and a half ago, Ervin Eliud joined the team and we re-branded into ErvinNic. We still sell handmade clothes, but with a greater focus on jewelry, home decor and accessories.

When we re-branded, we asked ourselves how we can make a new line of products that will make us stand out. We chose Lapidary Arts, as we had found most people don’t cut, drill, and facet their own stones. It was such a fun journey and discovery, the best part is when you process your own materials in bulk, you can afford to give your Clients a very fair and equitable price!

The last, and most fun part was at the end of last year we started driving across the country and mining our own crystals. Digging three feet through a rock wall or deep in mud, selling something we found, cleaned and took home made us feel like we had done the last step to ensure our business has something truly unique.

What do you love about the Randolph Street Market?

Definitely the customers and other Vendors. When I started selling here I never thought that it would bring me so much closer to other artists and creative individuals! I’ve had customers over for lunch and to do photo-shoot, becoming close friends with them. The other vendors uplift and support each other, there is no greedy competition to see who can sell more. Some markets can be a stressful environment where you feel unnecessary pressure just walking up to a booth, each person at Randolph gives you the feeling of walking into their home or creative space with welcome arms.

We love anything with Religious influences, but we’ve found some amazing pieces for our home and display here. Vintage Ironing Boards, Platform Wood Shoes, a Glow in the Dark Virgin Mary Music Box, Antique Portraits, Dr. Rays Toffee which he makes every batch himself, Persian Rugs that are actually affordable at Common Order, and lots of Fur!

I think the best time to go is in Summer, I love the Live Music, the Petting Zoo, and the thousands of excited Chicagoan’s excited to see something different!

Nick White - Randolph Street Market

Nick White - Randolph Street Market


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