Vendor Feature: Lee Merrick, Lee Merrick Antiques

Vendor Feature: Lee Merrick, Lee Merrick AntiquesTell us about yourself – what’s the story behind your partnership with the Randolph Street Market?

My name is Lee Merrick and I am the owner of Lee Merrick Antiques. I’ve been in business and collecting for 8 years. My love of everything vintage and antique started with me growing up in a 200 year old converted Church in England. That experience ignited my long standing interest in antiques, history, and unique items.

What’s your favorite vintage piece you’ve found?

I once picked a monastery in Chicago and left with several unique items over 100 years old – maps, artwork, copper jugs, etc. It was truly incredible!

Can you tell us more about what you love about the Randolph Street Market?

The Randolph Street Market is always a fun and upbeat atmosphere. Plus, we are constantly seeing buyers that appreciate quality.

Check out Lee at the Randolph Street Market on a recent webisode of American Pickers!

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