Vendor Feature: Melissa Parks, Megillicutti

Melissa Parks, MegillicuttiHow did you get started? Tell us your story

I’m a small house dweller with a big love for vintage and antiques. All the vintage I love and came across for cheap didn’t fit in my 1000-square-foot bungalow. Seven years ago, my friends urged me to clear out my goods at Kane County Flea. I fell in love with selling—connecting my vintage pieces with individuals who would treasure them. At that show, a scout from Randolph Market invited me share my vintage finds with their customers. Randolph has been singularly responsible for me becoming the dealer who I am. The customers are hip, refined, forward-thinking, open and artistic. They challenge me to find pieces as individual as they are. Finding those pieces is a complete joy.

What do you love most about selling at RSM?

I love that Randolph isn’t just a market. It’s an experience. The music, the food, the variety of unique vendors all combine to create a fun and inspiring vibe. And everyone who works there is positive and helpful. I’ve always been stunned by the generosity and up-beat spirit of the staff.

What’s YOUR favorite find?

I have too many favorite finds, but ranking at the top are a set of 4 (3 pendants, 1 chandelier) mid-century Feldman lotus chandeliers that I found in a box under a table at a small flea market in Bremerton, Washington while I was on vacation. Total price for all 4? $150. A steal. I almost felt bad not paying the dealers–two old ladies who had no idea what they had–more.

Anything fun you want to tell us???

Megillicutti is a name my father and sister bestowed on me growing up. Many people wonder if it pays homage to a character on “I Love Lucy.” Maybe my dad heard it there! Wherever it came from, I had never heard it before and had no idea how to spell it. When I first joined Ebay over 18 years ago, I used it as my user name, phonetically spelling it out. And it stuck.

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