Bites + Bar List July 28+29, 2018

The July 28+29 Randolph Street Market has a great variety of locally made sweet treats and savory goodies to enjoy onsite or take home!

Enjoy the food court outside in the East lot by the Shade Shack and our fancy food hallway outside the ballroom on the second floor of Plumbers Hall. Our bars are easily accessible too. Find them on the main gate aisle, at the Shade Shack and indoor on the first level.

Sweet Treats

Dough Dough Baklava
Magic Circle Banana Nutella Crepes
Sweet Nouveau

Food Vendors

Bacci Pizza
Dia De Los Tamales
Taco in a Bag


Cooper Spirits Slow and Low Whiskey
CH Distillery: Vodka, Bourbon, Gin
Bloody Mary’s
Corona Light
Modelo Negra
Modelo Especial
Pacifico Clara

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