Dave Hoekstra “Camper Book” Signing August 26

Camper Book (A Celebration of a Moveable American Dream)WGN’s “Nocturnal Journal” Dave Hoekstra’s books and travel essays explore sense of place.

But what happens when you take sense of place on the road? A place where place is always moving? That’s one of the themes of the new “Camper Book (A Celebration of a Moveable American Dream)” just released on Chicago Review Press. The book explores a diverse community that includes traveling nurses, country-western singers, gay campers and famous roadies like Cubs manager Joe Maddon and singer-songwriter John Prine.

Dave and book photographer Jon Sall will be signing copies of the “Camper Book” on Sunday Aug. 26.

For more info, visit www.thecamperbook.com and www.facebook.com/TheCamperBook.

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