Vendor Spotlight: Chanelle Ambrose

Your full name & biz name
Chanelle Ambrose which is also my business name. Instagram is @chanelleambrose

How many years in biz?
Since I am a third generation antique and vintage seller, I’ve been in the biz my entire life. Started with my Grandfather who loved and collected Civil War swords. Like all collectors, collections grow too big and you start flipping pieces for different pieces. His knowledge grew and expanded to all antiques and Ambrose Antiques was born. My father loved it and it continued that growth beyond militaria. Unfortunately after 108 years, Ambrose Antiques closed its doors. Some of my earliest memories are from auctions my family threw and going on buying trips all over the world.

How did you get started? Tell us your story:
I really started taking my knowledge of vintage to buy beer. Yes, in college I’d thrift vintage clothing and flip it to my fellow students to buy kegs for parties. Okay, a few engineering books but really it was a scheme to throw parties. It certainly expanded from there. I’ve been in various antique malls over the years, have a thriving IG following and certainly been doing flea markets my entire adult life.

What are you most excited about finding at RSM?
I love RSM. The variety and depth of dealer knowledge is endlessly fascinating to me. Doesn’t hurt that the music is lively and the cocktails are tasty.

What was YOUR favorite flea market find?
I have had a number of personnel collections over the years, but my absolute favorite finds are Frank Art sculptures. Art Deco anything is super hard to find any more so the handful of times I’ve been lucky enough to find them, I treasure it.

Anything fun you want to tell us about items you’re bringing this weekend??
The November RSM is a holiday show and boy oh boy am I bringing Christmas! Tabletop blow molds, Santa’s, trees, elves, you name it and I will have it. Of my many junk personalities, Christmas is an absolute favorite. My booth will be so shiny it will glow.

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