Vendor Spotlight: Matthew Shreiner of BarcacaoChocolat

Meet Matthew Shreiner of Barcacao Chocolat, showcasing his supremely delicious chocolate bars at Randolph Street Market since starting the business in 2016. Formerly the pastry chef at the Ritz in Paris and inspired by British fashion and art, barcacaochocolat was founded by former London based chocolatier Matthew Schreiner in 2016 as a new style of artisanal chocolate maker. Handcrafted in Chicago, barcacaochocolat specialises in chocolate tablets, drinking chocolates, and a bespoke chocolate program for any occasion. They even offer private chocolate classes.

All of their chocolate is certified non-GMO using 100% single-origin Criollo cacao from northwest Peru and organic milk and pure organic sugarcane from Ecuador. All of their ingredients are sustainably sourced. Matthew is committed to a sustainable world through sourcing, society and environment. Make sure to stop by the Barcacao stall next time you’re at RSM!

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