Vendor Spotlight: Kabria Cummings, Global Attic LLC

How many years in biz
I’ve been in business for two years.

How did you get started? Tell us your story
Despite pursuing a career in graphic design and marketing for more than 20 years, I’ve collected ethnic artwork and been passionate about interior design my entire life as a result of my parents. As a result of a succession of devastating losses that began in 2013 with the loss of my parents two months apart, the end of an 11-year relationship and my job of 10 years in 2016, I took time to not only grieve, but also to consider what the next chapter of my life would look like. I knew I wanted to do something I love and that’s how Global Attic came into being. The business allows me to collect and create ethnic artwork, decorate interiors, travel and give back to others. These are all of the things I enjoy, and I believe Global Attic is the perfect physical tribute to my parents and all they poured into me.

What are you most excited about finding at RSM?
I am always super excited to find new and old vendors who sell global gems at RSM. It doesn’t matter what the item is as long as it’s from some far-flung place, has a story, is something I’ve never seen before and moves me in some kind of way.

What are YOUR favorite European flea markets?
When I travel, I’m more of a wanderer than a strategic planner. So, this means I walk around a city trying to discover things rather than having a rigid plan of what sights I have to see. This approach has allowed me to stumble upon markets in France, Amsterdam and London. I don’t recall the names, nor do I have favorites as it’s all about the moment in time and what I’ve found on my treasure hunt!

Anything fun you want to tell us about items you’re bringing this weekend??
Sure! In addition to our usual brand favorites, I’ll be bringing our feather and shell necklace that was recently featured on an episode of the hit FOX television show Empire. The item was purchased by a buyer for the show at July’s RSM, proving that you never know what you’ll find or who’s shopping at the Market.

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