Randolph Roundup: See pics from the September Markets

What happens when the Randolph Street Market gets some of Chicago’s TOP Tastemakers including Editors, Stylists and Interior Designers (many from our Designer Advisory Board) together for a good cause? Incredible treasure hunting, mingling, and shopping galore all to benefit charity!

The 9th annual installment of Editor’s and Designer’s Choice for Charity featured treasure hunters from premier media outlets alongside some of Chicago’s finest Interior Designers and Stylists including Ash Street Interiors, PROjECT Interiors, Amanda Wolfson Styling, Brianne Bishop Design, Dual Concept Design, Interior Spaces, Jasmin Reese Interiors, Johanna Lowe, Karen Carpino Design, Mango Mist Designs, Michelle Williams Interiors, Platinum Coast Designs, Shakoor Interiors, Siren Betty Design, Simeone Deary, Tom Stringer Design Partners, and SKIN to discover the BEST of what the Market had to offer. Participants were given the task to find their three “Fave Items”, “Best Booth”, “Runner Up Booth” and for the first time, “Best in Show Vintage Motorcycle”.

Armed with clipboards and a limited amount of ribbons, our Tastemakers scoured the aisles for the Best of the Best narrowing down their top picks. By midday Saturday, the selections were made and market-goers enjoyed shopping the Editor’s and Designer’s coveted finds-AND the best part, a portion of the proceeds of all sales went to charity!

The votes have been tallied and this year’s Winners for Best Booth, Runner Up Booth and Best In Show are:

Best Booth: Megilicutti

Runner Up Booth: Strange Lovely

Best in Show: Ducati from Burt Richmond

With many of the tagged items sold, we are extremely excited to be cutting a check to each of the great causes our participants selected.

Check out some of the Editor’s and Designer’s Choice for Charity highlights.

Carrie Ratliff of Interior Spaces, Inc. described the “Chrome Sling Chairs from Strange Lovely as Sexy.”

Jasmin Reese Interiors of Jasmin Reese spotted a “Reupholstered Queen Anne Chair in a vivid fuschia fabric” from Lopez.

Fabiola Trancoso/Simone Deary Design chose Painter’s Cubist Modern Painting “for its choice of colors” from Natalie O Decor.

Binita Barai of Mango Mist Designs loved a pair of “Vintage Barstools from Antique Rose for their color, style and pizazz! Super unique statement piece.”

James McClister of Pro Remodeler hand picked a Barn Timber Table from John Canalle. “The wood has aged beautifully. The handles and wheels are incorporated in a stylish and functional way.”

Bunny and Brandy had her eye on a Snake Ring from Rezek, “an absolutely unique, sparkly piece.”

Nicole Alexander of Siren Betty Design chose Strange Lovely as the Best Booth. “My style! Love the layout and picks.”

Coraly Magiera of SKIN picked an Art Frame from Nathalie Osborne for its “cubism style”.

Karen Carpino of Karen Carpino Design had her eye on a Rattan Vintage Chaise Lounge from 29 Palms with “Timeless design, glamourous, eclectic and in perfect condition.”

Jessica Moazami picked a 70’s Gucci Blondie Bag for its “elegant chicness” from Wini & I and a “beautiful collection of very stylish bags” from Red Leopard Crocodile.
Paulina Cervantes and Andrea Fripp of Dual Concept Design selected Global Attic for Best Booth. “Well organized, clean and high design.”

Michelle Williams of Michelle Williams Interiors spotted a 4×5 Oil Painting from Common Order with “Colors that Pop!”

Jerry Nunn of Nunn on the Run found a Cambodian Monkey Painting because “I love monkeys” from R/S Gallery.

Jaye Gipson of Curvatude loved Multiverse 3.0 Scarf Replacement “so creative and unique” from RYE Williams.

Molly Tullis of Tote Bag with Purchase picked a “Champagne Bucket because everyone needs one” from 29 Palms.

Lauren and Stacey of PROjECT Interiors coveted a pair of Black Wicker Pendant Lamps for their “texture and history” from No Direction Home.

Colleen Kinder and Bill Romac of Platinum Coast Designs picked a must have Retro Barware Set with a “fantastic 60’s vibe, perfect for entertaining” from ShopNOV.

Brianne Bishop of Brianne Bishop Design chose Megillicutti as the Best Booth-“ Beautifully Curated!”

Stylist Johanna Lowe selected Black Gloss Vintage 1950’s Driftwood Lamp Bases from Strange Lovely because they are “striking and modern looking, transitional pieces”.

Nena Ivon of Nena’s Notes had her eye on a Rose Painting from Megilliccutti because “I collect Rose Paintings.”

Bisola Sosan of Social Life Chicago spotted a 1940’s Fur Pea Coat, “a standout piece that stood the test of time” from Allison/Prey.

Zahra Sandberg of Love Zahra picked a Fur Stool from Hello Goodbuys because “it’s a beautiful white fur/brass stool perfect for a vanity”.

Jessie Barber of Mini Penny Blog gave the Best in Show ribbon to a 1954 Ducati Supersport from Burt Richmond-“Clean, love the rose gold frame”

Ginny Van Alyea of Chicago Gallery News found Mini Chairs with “such style for kid’s space” from The Green Door.

Zenia Forowycz of Loves Oak Beauty discovered a Shell Tower from Global Attic that is “structured and elegant”


Our very tasty tastemakers being choosy!

See highlights from 2019’s Editor’s & Designer’s Choice for Charity Market!

Did you mark your calendar yet for our October market on the 26+27??

Look at some of the ribbon-winners!

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