Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we pay admission?

Sometimes we hear from people who would like to come to Randolph but don’t understand why we charge admission to come and shop.

Security: An open gate makes it much more difficult to manage the safety of our attendees and vendors, especially when money and fine goods are exchanging hands.

Cost: We couldn’t afford to produce the market without a gate as we don’t want the financial burden of producing this event to fall entirely on our vendors’ shoulders. Your admission fees go to support many people including our large staff, small business owners, and fantastic musicians.

You can buy admission for $7 on Groupon, or you can become a preferred customer of one of our vendors and get comped admission each month.

Buying your tickets directly from us does help pay our overhead and stay in business!

We hope to see you at RSM soon!

What are the regular season dates and where is the Randolph Street Market Festival located?

All of the dates can be found on the Schedule.


The Randolph Street Market festival is located at 1341 W Randolph Street and inside the beautiful Beaux Arts Plumbers Hall at 1340 West Washington. Click here for directions and map.

Is the event accessible?

The outdoor exhibit space at the Market is all flat, and there are ramps into the Plumbers Hall building. Plus elevators and special bathroom facilities make the Randolph Street Market easy for anyone to enjoy!

What if weather conditions change?
The Randolph Street Market goes on rain or shine! There are no refunds. Randolph features indoor and outdoor sellers. Indoor sellers are set up inside a huge air-conditioned(or heated) building and our outdoor sellers set up their wares mostly under their own tents — so the shopping goes on even if it rains! However, if the weather should turn severe our security team will assess and direct customers and vendors to take shelter in our building and/or parking garage.
Will there be food and alcohol?

The Market provides a variety of food stations that range from breakfast goodies to lunch meals.

We have beer, wine, Bloody Marys, Margaritas, Mimosas, and assorted spirit samplings.

Can I bring my pet?

Per the Plumbers Union, there will no longer be dogs allowed inside the building, not even the ones you can carry. While it’s not our policy or idea, it is the property’s. They will have security enforcing this  – we apologize for any inconvenience.

The entire outdoor area of the market is open for most* dogs; your furry friend must be on a leash and will no doubt be delighted with the delicious scraps of food to be discovered amongst the several acres of outdoor antique and collectible treasures.

*Management has the right to refuse entry to any persons and pets.

If it’s a hot one, be kind and leave Fifi at home along with the pet crocodile, who may spot a vintage handbag that used to be a relative and get upset!

Asphalt temperature and outdoor temperature are two very different things. When the outside air temperature is 77 degrees, the asphalt the sun is 125 degrees. You can fry an egg at 131 degrees. Just imagine how your dog feels as you drag him along to the farmers market or outdoor festival being held on asphalt.


Do vendors prefer cash and/or do they take credit cards or digital payment?

There’s nothing more American than cash — EVERYONE prefers it! You can bargain better if you have cash and vendors love it when you have the exact amount, so we encourage you to bring lots of small bills.

If you don’t have cash but have an ATM card, we have two on-site cash stations.

As for credit cards and digital payment, some vendors take them but many don’t so be prepared.

What type of terrain will I be walking on?

You will not be walking over corn stalks, gravel, manure or rocks. You will be walking on beautifully tended asphalt and gorgeous terrazzo floors when you enter the indoor space.


Wear tennis shoes, sandals, platforms or anything comfortable you can stroll around in.

Do you have delivery service for larger items and furniture?

Sometimes the vendor or vendors will make the delivery (or deliveries) for you, but we have an on-site delivery service.

Can I bring my kids?

Yes, you can! It’s a family friendly market and it’s fun for everybody. We have a children’s area inside Plumbers Hall and every kid gets a treasure map!

Am I allowed to take pictures of merchandise in dealers' booths?

With the vendor’s discretion or permission!

Can I buy tube socks or a thigh master here?

No, but Maxwell Street Flea Market is only a few blocks away and you can buy those things there!


Hotels – here’s a link to a round up of nearby hotels published by Travel Weekly.

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